Local History

High Newport Allotments are situated in the old colliery village of Silksworth which is on the outskirts of Sunderland the allotments are on Newport Hill which once belonged  to the NCB Newport Hill is where the pit ponies from the colliery were grazed when they were not working down the pit or were retired

Silksworth was the ‘worth’ (an enclosure) belonging to an Anglo-Saxon called Sigelac. Medieval owners of Silksworth included the Lords of Horden and the Middleton family. In 1775 it became the site of a large house called Silksworth Hall belonging to a Mr Cummings but passed to an important landowner called William Robinson-Robinson who was descended from the Middletons.

This hall and another called Silksworth House just to its west (later renamed Doxford House) both later belonged to the Doxford family who made their fortune as shipbuilders. Nearby Doxford Park is also named from this family.

To the north of Silksworth is New Silksworth which was first built to house the miners of Silksworth Colliery opened by the Marquess of Londonderry in 1869.